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Smart recirculating shower System

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Shower Smarter

Up to 90% water savings
Up to 80% energy savings
Increased comfort
Real-time data
Made in Sweden
Award-winning design

Be water-smart with Oas

Oas is the world’s first smart recirculating shower system—saving up to 90% water and up to 80% energy. Oas uses a few litres of water to deliver a luxurious shower experience, for as long as you like.

Sustainability feels great

Oas is engineered to provide a higher flow, more precise temperature control and cleaner water than traditional showers. You’ll enjoy a spa-like shower experience—that feels great in more ways than one.

A few litres of unlimited water

Fresh water is one of our most precious—and globally scarce—resources. In traditional showers, we let most of it go to waste, straight down the drain. Oas changes that by purifying, re-heating and recirculating a few litres in a closed loop. You can shower for as long as you like, with as much water as you want—without using very much at all.
  • "The Tesla Of Showers"
  • "Futuristic Water-Recycling Shower Cuts Bills By Over $1,000"
  • "Shower of the Future washes you with water from your past"
  • "Nasa’s Mars mission inspires out of this world shower design "
  • "Cleaner, greener shower could save hundreds of euros a year"
  • "The Shower Of The Future Cuts Water Waste To Almost Nothing"
  • "Scrub up like a Mars-bound astronaut with this water-recycling shower"

Track your savings

With Oas, every drop of water you use and any energy used to heat it is tracked digitally. You always have access to the live usage data from your computer or a smart device—so that you can see the difference you’re making, and the money you’re saving—in real time.

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Oas Standard

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Check your readiness for Oas

To be successfully installed, Oas shower technology has a certain shower space, power and water connectivity requirements. Check the videos and manuals in our Knowledge base to make sure you’re ready for Oas. 

Knowledge base

Oas Technology

Continuously cleaned water
for as long as you Shower

Oas sensors monitor water quality 20 times per second, filtering out all impurities. Water that is too dirty for efficient filtering back is discharged to the drain and replaced with new fresh water. Then it all goes through the purification loop again and again for as long as you shower.
See how it works

Smart data

Information about your water and energy savings is processed to the Cloud, so that you can access it online or in the app.

Real time purification

Your shower water is purified in real-time using a Space Technology certified filter and a UV-light to achieve even cleaner water than the one from your tap. 

Digital controller

In the smart user interface you can change your water temperature, check your water savings and much more. 

Increased water flow

As water loops through the purification and reheating process, the internal pump makes sure you always get a constantly luxurious high water flow rate. 

Precise temperature

The internal heater comfort-corrects water to the precise temperature chosen, replacing any heat lost as the water loops through the system.

Water quality analysis

Oas sensors analyse the water quality 20 times per second, deciding whether to recirculate the water or not.
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