Creators of the world’s only 
circular shower system

Now you can shower smarter

Enjoy refreshing showers and conserve resources at the same time.
Up to 90%
water savings *
Up to 80%
energy savings *
Made in
* Actual water and energy savings will vary according to user behaviour.

Discover the
Orbital Systems
way of thinking

We’ve taken water for granted for too long. It’s time to use it smarter.
“I want my daughter to grow up being aware of how valuable our resources are. She and her generation will carry the bigger responsibility in caring for the planet.”
Sanne Hougaard
Orbital Shower owner, 
Fyn, Denmark
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A shower 
like you’ve never 
experienced before

With Orbital Shower, you save large amounts of water and energy, without compromising the joy of long and refreshing showers.
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Make it personal 
with the app

Transform your shower by customizing it to your taste and by tracking every drop of water you use and save with our app.

From outer space 
to your home

Take a look at the technology behind the smart shower system and see how we bring space tech to your bathroom.
See how it works
“Sustainability isn’t a chore, or marketing. This is our real passion. When something like Orbital Shower comes along, we get excited!”
Kirsten Aggersborg
PR and Communications Manager, 
Guldsmeden Hotels
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  • "The Tesla Of Showers"
  • "Futuristic Water-Recycling Shower Cuts Bills By Over $1,000"
  • "Shower of the Future washes you with water from your past"
  • "Nasa’s Mars mission inspires out of this world shower design "
  • "Cleaner, greener shower could save hundreds of euros a year"
  • "The Shower Of The Future Cuts Water Waste To Almost Nothing"
  • "Scrub up like a Mars-bound astronaut with this water-recycling shower"

You’re in good company

The Tesla Of
Futuristic water-recycling 
shower cuts bills by over $1,000
Nasa’s Mars mission inspires out 
of this world shower design
The Shower Of The Future Cuts 
Water Waste To Almost Nothing
Shower of the Future washes 
you with water from your past
Cleaner, greener shower could 
save hundreds of euros a year

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