Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the answer to some of the most common questions.
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Comfort & Hygiene

Has the water purified by the Oas ever been tested and approved?

The water purified by the Oas has been tested numerous times by the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (current Public Health Agency of Sweden). The results have demonstrated that the purified water in some cases is not only equal to, but even above the standard requirements for shower water from conventional water taps. Furthermore, water samples are conducted on a frequent basis on our various installation sites to ensure that the quality is always high.

Will I use the same water over and over again between showers?

No. 2 minutes after you have completed your shower, the water is released from the system. When you want to take a new shower, a new batch of approximately 5 litres of fresh water enters the system.


How much water and energy does the Oas save?

ORBITAL SYSTEMS has created the world’s most efficient shower unit, capable of saving over 90% of water and over 80% of energy.

What do you base your measurements on?

The total estimated savings are based on your water and energy savings and your specified cost for water and energy needed for heating the water. Depending on the number of showers you take per day and the length of your average shower session, the “Measure your Savings” calculator will provide you with an estimate. For a more comprehensive explanation, please contact us on


What about the water flow of the Oas – is it better than a conventional shower?

The Oas offers a luxurious high water flow of up to 12 litres/min (3,2 US gallons/min), compared to conventional showers with an average of 6–9 litres/min (1,6-2,4 US gallons/min)

Can you explain how the Filters work?

The Filters are containing the actual purification technology. Once the water passes through each Filter, the contaminants in the water get filtered and absorbed in the Filter.

How often do I need to change the Purification Filters?

If you shower for 15 minutes per day, you would approximate need 3-4 Filters during a 1 year period.

How much do the Filters cost?

The Filter costs US $60

Do you offer a Filter subscription?

Yes. When you sign the documents, you have the ability to choose Filter subscription.

How do I know when to change the Filters?

You can find out if you need to change the Oas’s Purification Filter via the Oas app, showing the overall status of your Filters.


Who can install the Oas?

A regular plumber and electrician, following the instructions provided by ORBITAL SYSTEMS, can perform the installation. Please review the detailed installation manuals that we will send you before you start the installation process in order to ensure that it is performed correctly.
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