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Welcome to the Orbital Systems way of thinking!

The Orbital Mindset

Who's in charge of making a difference? 
We think the power lies in the hands of the people that make every day count – those who are bold enough to take a risk or break a habit. With the Orbital Shower, we are in a position to change the world for the better. We are at the forefront of change. Obsessed with progress. In love with ground-breaking ideas. But technology and innovation can't make an impact without the people that make each day count. The today-takers.

Together we'll shape the world around us. Because it's all about now. Let's make a change. Today.
Mehrdad Mahdjoubi: Journey to Mars project at NASA, 2012

An Idea Born in Space

Orbital Systems’ origins started from a (not so) simple space project question - how can we enable a lifestyle on Mars similar to that on Earth? 

In addition to energy and food, we require water to create optimal habitat for humans. However, water is a limited resource that we cannot reproduce or replicate easily. 

Answering the project question meant that we would need to use all resources in smarter, more efficient ways.

Looking to the Past 
for the Future

To use water efficiently in space, we needed to understand how we use water today. To our utmost surprise, not a lot has changed in 5,000 years. Yes, our channels to access water have evolved, but how we use water has not - it still flows out of an output source and down the drain, uncaptured and unrecycled.

Even worse, we lose about 20% of piped water in pipeline leakages. Unknown to many, only 3% of the world’s water supply is accessible as freshwater, 2% of which is frozen in glaciers.

Worldwide, we are all experiencing a decline in water availability, with some countries suffering more than others.
And given the burgeoning global population, water is rapidly becoming a scarce resource. Unfortunately, no one is immune from drought. In a few years, demand will outstrip supply, which cannot be increased without considerable investments in infrastructure and time. 

Water is a limited and precious resource we must protect for coming generations. Without prompt and scalable interventions, the global problem of water shortage could soon reach an irreversible crisis point. We must all find ways to use water better to prevent avoidable mortality, sicknesses, and even water wars. 

Now is the time to make a change. 
We need innovative water-saving initiatives that are convenient and cost-effective at the point-of-use. And so, at Orbital Systems, we set out to find a positive solution.

Influencing a 
Paradigm Shift

In a world full of smart solutions to natural resource challenges, we are confident that we can create new and efficient ways to address our water dilemma. 

With modern technology, creating solutions is now easier than ever. Our vision at Orbital Systems is to influence a paradigm shift in water usage by innovating smarter ways of using water, and we are starting in the home. We are committed to finding solutions that positively impact users and enable them to enjoy a pleasant experience with no compromise. 

This is the motivation driving our first product, the Orbital Shower, the world’s only circular shower system. 

We’ve leveraged existing purification and sensor technologies to create a shower system that drastically reduces water waste. Best of all, users don’t have to sacrifice efficiency, cleanliness and most of all, an enjoyable shower experience. 

The way we see it, you shouldn’t have to give up a pleasant experience to positively impact the planet.

Redirecting the Flow 
of Thinking

Our ultimate mission is to drive the change towards more efficient water usage; to democratize water so that everyone can produce what they need at the point of use. 

We aim to extend our patented technology solutions to new areas of domestic consumption. This objective has become even more critical as evolving environmental and global pressures compel us to rethink the old ways of using natural resources. 

We aim to design win-win solutions for everyone. Working together with you, we know that we will succeed in paving a new way and influencing a paradigm shift. 

Welcome to the Orbital Systems way of thinking!



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