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The Orbital Mindset

Who's in charge of making a difference? We believe it's the people that make everyday count — those who are bold enough to allow change. With the Orbital Shower, we are in a position to change the world for the better. At the forefront, obsessed with progress and in love with groundbreaking ideas. But technology and innovation can't make an impact without those people that make everyday count — the today-takers.

Together we can shape the world around us. Because it's all about now, no waiting for tomorrow. Let's make a change. Today.

Mehrdad Mahdjoubi: Journey to Mars project at NASA, 2012

An Idea Born in Space

How could life on Mars resemble life on Earth? This (not so) simple question, originating from a space project, inspired us to start Orbital Systems and think about sustainable systems, not only for space but also for us here on Earth.

Besides energy and food, water is vital for human life. However, water is a highly limited resource. Only 3% of the world's water supply is accessible as freshwater, of which two thirds frozen in glaciers.

Looking to the Past 
for the Future

To look for future sustainable solutions, we have to understand how water is used in modern times. In fact, not much has changed in 5,000 years. After use, water flows down the drain. Un-captured and un-recycled. In addition, we lose about 20% of piped water in pipeline leakages. 

Water is rapidly becoming scarce, and in only a few years, demand will outstrip supply. As a consequence, water availability is decreasing. Solutions are urgently needed before the water supply crisis becomes irreversible and leads to increased mortality, sickness, and even water wars.

And so, at Orbital Systems, we set out to find important solutions to save the world's resources. Today.

Influencing a 
Paradigm Shift

We realized that technology is needed for smarter ways of using water in our homes. In addition to finding ways to reduce water wasting dramatically, solutions must be cost-effective, convenient to use, and attractive to consumers.

This is the mindset behind our first product, the Orbital Shower, the world's only circular shower system. 

Without sacrificing efficiency, cleanliness, or a pleasant shower experience, we created a system with built-in purification and sensor technologies

Redirecting the Flow 
of Thinking

Our mission is to drive change so that all of us will have sufficient access to freshwater without damaging the global water supply.

We see the possibility of succeeding together with you - paving the way for a fundamental paradigm shift.



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