Comfort & Hygiene

How Do We Ensure High Water Quality?

We have several mechanisms to ensure high water quality. First, advanced sensors located in the Sensor Drain decide whether shower water should be recycled or discharged, depending on contamination levels. The recycled water is pre-filtered and then purified through a 1-micron filter and UV-C disinfection before being re-used. The Orbital Shower system is also equipped with an automated self-cleaning between each shower session, removing potentially harmful bacteria that can be found in other shower systems. There is also an automated daily cleaning cycle which further ensures long-term hygiene within the shower.

Is The Same Water Reused Between Users?

The Orbital Shower system is equipped with an automated self-cleaning between each shower session, ensuring that the system is clean before the next user steps in. The system is also evacuated of water after each shower session, which prevents any water from being shared between users.


How Do I Clean The Orbital Shower?

While our technology takes care of almost everything, the system will need a little help from you to run smoothly.

  • The Filter Capsule will last for approximately 100-150 shower sessions.
  • The UV Lamp & Quartz Glass is cleaned yearly.
  • Every other week the Orbital Shower will let you know that it’s time to put a Cleaning Tablet on the shower floor and initiate the cleaning program.
  • Just like any other shower, the floor and drain regularly need to be cleaned of hair and larger particles.

Can I Change The Consumables Myself?

Yes! It is really easy. You can read more about it under the Care guide.

What Is The Cost Of The Consumables?

The cost of a Filter Capsule is €30 and the cost of Cleaning Tablets is €10/pack with 20 tablets. The first 10 years these are included in your warranty. To order extra consumables simply visit our portal My Water. In a rare when case the UV Lamp or Quartz Glass need to be replaced after the warranty period, the cost is €40 and €10 respectively. Read more in our Care guide.

Using The Shower

How Do I Adjust The Water Temperature?

You simply turn the digital control to the left or to the right, while the temperature is shown on the digital control screen.

How Do I Access The Shower Menu?

Long press the control dial to access the menu. You can then turn the dial to navigate, and push to select an action.

Digital Assets

How Do I Know How Much Water I’m Saving? Where Can I See It?

After every shower session, the savings are visualized on the digital control. The usage data is also sent to the cloud so that you can view your water and energy savings on the web and on the app.

What Can I See And Do On The App And Web Interface?

The client app enables monitoring of product performance in real-time. This means that you can track how much water and energy you’re saving, as well as general trends. You can also monitor the status of your consumables.

Where Is All The Information Stored?

The shower data which is collected is anonymous, as it is associated with a specific installation and not a specific user. All sensor data is sent to AWS (Amazon Web Services) where it is analyzed. The data is used to monitor your shower’s performance and ensure that everything is running smoothly, so that we can help you before any problems arise.

How Do You Protect My Privacy?

Orbital Systems cares about your experience with us, and that includes your privacy. The shower data which is collected is anonymous, as it is associated with a specific installation and not a specific user. The data that we get from the shower is encrypted and sent to AWS where it is analyzed. The shower data only consists of information we need to improve your experience, such as temperature and water quality levels. We of course follow GDPR requirements, and we always disclose what information we save, and what we use it for. You can read more in our privacy policy.


How Is Water And Energy Saved By The Orbital Shower?

The Orbital Shower is designed to use a small amount of water, continuously purified, recirculated and comfort-corrected to the ideal temperature and water flow. Since we recirculate hot water, we only need to compensate for temperature loss during recirculation (1-4°C). This way, you save both water and energy.

What Happens If I Wash My Dog Or Do My Dishes In The Shower?

The shower system is designed for human showering, and is made to handle dirt, regular soaps, and hygiene products. Using the Orbital Shower for other purposes may compromise the system functionality or damage the system. This includes disposing of any type of contaminants that are not normally expected in the shower such as large amounts of mud, hair and harsh chemicals, etc. 

How Does The Software Get Updated?

As soon as new software updates become available, it’s uploaded to the shower remotely. As long as the Orbital Shower is connected to wi-fi, the system will update its software automatically, and you can enjoy new features and functions.

Is It Possible To Operate The Orbital Shower Without A Wi-Fi Connection?

While we require 2.4Ghz wi-fi connection, the Orbital Shower will still be able to operate without it during periods of no connectivity. However, some key features such as remote software updates, filter tracking, ability to track performance and behavior data as well as proactive support from our service team will not be available.

What Type Of Facilities Is The Shower Technology Suited For? 

The Orbital Shower is suited for any bathroom, from private residences to commercial projects. You can read more about our different clients’ experiences here. For a full list of the installation requirements, consult the section installation requirements

Is The Orbital Shower Suitable For My Off-Grid Home?

Yes, it is possible to install the Orbital Shower in off-grid homes if all of the installation requirements are met. For example, our shower relies on sensitive sensors that require a level floor to function properly. We also recommend a water flow of 9 liters per minute of hot and cold water. If you are unsure if you meet the installation requirements, please consult us here


Can I Try The Orbital Shower Before Purchasing?

The doors to our HQ are always open to you! You also can try out the Orbital Shower at any of our showrooms or hotels and facilities which use our showers. Simple book a live demo visit on our website. 

How Much Do Your Showers Cost?

Please consult our product page to see the consumer price in your region. For volume and commercial orders, please reach out to us for a personalised quote

How Long Is The Warranty?

The warranty lasts for 10 years upon delivery. If you want to learn more about our warranty, click here.

Who Can Purchase The Orbital Shower?

The Orbital Shower is available for order in Denmark and Sweden and for preorder in Germany. We are continuously opening in new counties for orders, so please sign up for our waiting list so we can let you know when we launch in your region.

What Happens After I’ve Placed My Order?

This is the beginning of your journey with Orbital Systems. After placing your order, you will receive an email with everything you need to know to get started. It will include details such as how to manage your filter subscription and who to contact if any questions arise. Together with the shower delivery, we will ask you to book your shower activation date with our technician. He will supervise the final test of the shower system and before you know it, your Orbital Shower will be ready to use.


What Are The Installation Requirements?

Our installation requirements are in regard to water and electricity supply, as well as internet connectivity. We also have dimensional requirements to ensure that the Orbital Shower fits in your bathroom. For more information got to the section installation requirements.

Can I Install The Orbital Shower In My Mobile Home?

The Orbital Shower is designed for a conventional tiled bathroom and is therefore not optimal for moving vehicles. While it is possible to install the shower system in mobile homes, it is not recommended as some functionalities can be limited if all of the installation requirements are not met. For example, our shower relies on sensitive sensors that require a level floor to function properly, which could make installation in a moving RV difficult.

Can I Install The Orbital Shower In My Off-Grid Home?

Yes you can, assuming you fulfil our installation requirements

Can I Have A Wired Internet Connection?

While the shower is fitted to be run via a wi-fi connection, through potential installation modifications a wired internet connection could be used. This can be offered for an additional cost. Please contact us for further assistance on your specific case.

What Does The Installation Process Look Like?

The installation of the Orbital Shower occurs in two stages; pre-installation and installation. The pre-installation can be performed by any plumber and electrician of your choice. In this phase, electrical outlets and plumbing are drawn to the right place, the drain unit and installation kit are mounted with accompanying hoses and the rest of the bathroom/shower space is finalised. 

During the shower unit installation, a professional plumber or electrician of your choice will install the Core unit, connect the unit to the cloud and run an installation test. The activation of the shower Core unit is supervised by our technician, who has full knowledge of the shower system and can ensure that the pre-installation has been carried out in the right way. For more information on the installation process, please check out our guides and manuals

Service And Support

Can I Still Shower If Something Breaks?

Because of our smart technology, we are able to quickly recognize if something breaks. If a non-essential component fails, the shower will continue to operate with a slightly reduced functionality. If a part of the system that enables recirculation fails, the recycling function will be turned off and the Orbital Shower can be used as a regular shower.

What Happens If Something Breaks?

Thanks to the smart shower technology, we can quickly detect if something has gone wrong. If something breaks, you will receive an error code and potential instructions to consult the self-service guide. We have designed the system so that you never have to browse through a thick manual in search of answers.

Your service technician gets shower performance data from the cloud so that they can proactively consult you and provide service if needed, often before your shower experience is even affected. You can find the self-service guide among our manuals.

Where Do I Turn For Support?

If you need support with the shower, please contact us on our website, or on our platform MyWater


What Is A Partner?

Depending on specialization, a partner can be certified to install, service or sell our technology. The Orbital Shower is a unique opportunity to generate new revenue from disruptive technology while strengthening your sustainability profile. 

As a partner, you’ll get qualified leads from customers in your region who are ready to purchase and install the Orbital Shower, or who require maintenance, service or parts. You’ll also have your own profile on this website, where customers from your region can see a description of your services and contact you directly. If you are interested in becoming a partner, click here

Who Can Become A Partner?

Our partners range from architects, sustainable building consultants, and developers to bathroom wholesalers and retailers, electricians, plumbers and more. 

Depending on your specialization, you might be certified to sell, install, maintain or service the Orbital Shower. The most important criteria? A commitment to quality and sustainability in keeping with Orbital Systems’ values.

Compare Installation Possibilities

You can install your Oas shower system in three different ways. If you’re wondering which installation kit is right for you, we’re here to help. See our guide for more information.
Core location
Installation model
Installation model
Installation model
Installation model
Core located inside
the shower place
Core located outside 
the shower place
Wet area only
Dry area only
Wet or dry area
Core distance from 
shower place
Max. 3m
Max. 3m
Max. 3m
Core mounting 
On wall
Inside wall
On wall
Inside wall
Wet area: Any potential spill water should be able to find its way down a drain.
Dry area: Location does not have access to a drain.

Purchase process

1 Choose Installation Kit

Orbital Shower system comes in three different installation possibilities. Select an installation kit that best matches your preferences.
Compare installation kits
Installation requirements

2 Installation

Always hire a professional to perform the installation. We are here to to support you if you have any questions on how to prepare the bathroom for the installation. On delivery day, we will ask you to pick a date for shower activation.

3 Shower Activation

By now, the shower Core, drain and shower head are in place, connected to the electricity and water. Our technician will supervise your shower activation to give you the best shower experience from day one.

4 Start saving!

Now, nothing can stop you on the mission for a more sustainable life. Shower away, see your savings online or in our app and share your results! For maximum performance, please see our Care guide.

Care guide

While Orbital Shower takes care of almost everything, the system will need a little help from you to run smoothly. 

Change filter capsule
Run cleaning program
Clean sensor drain
Care time
1 min
30 sec
3 min
How often

After 100-150 200 shower sessions.

Once every 20 shower sessions

Once every 20 shower sessions


To remove impurities from water during showering

To remove lime stone and bacteria from the system

To maintain high recirculation and hygiene


Filter capsule: included in 10 year product warranty. 

Cleaning tablets: Can be ordered from My Water (20 tablets / €10)


Your Orbital Shower will notify you in real time when it’s time for service.
For the shower to recirculate optimally, we recommend to clean the Quartz glass once a year and change the UV lamp when the shower notifies you once every 2 years. If you own an Orbital Shower, visit My Water portal at mywater.orbital-systems.com for more information.

What happens when I need more filters or other consumables? 
Visit our portal My Water, where you can order everything you need for an Orbital Shower. The price of an extra filter is €30 / piece.

Installation requirements

Electrical supply
EU-one phase:
AC 220-240 V / 50 Hz / 16 A

Residual circuit breaker: 
One per shower required. Having a rated residual tripping current not exceeding 30 mA

Mains supply fixed cord: 
Min. 2.5 mm2 (rated for 16 A circuit)
Plumbing / Water
Hot and cold water inlet: Separate hot/cold inlet required. - 1/2” BSPP (G) pipe connection needed

Temperature of inlet water: 
Cold: +4°C to +30°C 
Hot: +50°C to +65°C

Water inlet flow: 
Min. 9 litres/minute hot and cold

Water pressure: 
Min. 3 bars/43,5 psi/0,3 MPa measured at the highest point of installation Max. pressure 10 bars/145 psi/1 MPa

Hardness of water: 
Required: 3°dH-10°dH and
preferred: 6°dH-10°dH or a total hardness of 110-180 mg CaCO3/litres

Internet connection: 
Private 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network

Circuit breaker: 
One per shower required
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