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The new way of 

Most of the water we use ends up down the drain where it’s wasted. Did you know that we use around 100 liters of water every day while showering? 

The Orbital Shower system recirculates a few liters of water at consistent flow, pressure and temperature, enabling you to save up to 90% of water and up to 90% of energy.

Saving water and energy 
means saving money

Conserving the planet’s most precious resources with a smart shower cuts down on personal costs too. Take a look at some real-life examples below.
  • Nilssons Family
  • Erik and Malin

Nilssons Family

The Nilssons are an active family of four living in the south of Sweden in their family home. On their mission to become more resource smart, they have installed an Orbital Shower. In average, they take 25 showers per week for cca 10 minutes. These are their yearly savings:

  • Water savings / year 116 774 litres
  • Energy savings / year 3 916 kWh
  • Monetary / year 1 586 EUR
  • CO2 savings / year 94 kg

Erik and Malin

Erik and Malin have decided to take the leap and include Orbital Shower to their constantly upgrading smart home. They take in average 15 showers per week for ca 10 minutes. And this is what they save in a year: 

  • Water savings / year 69 845 litres
  • Energy savings / year 2 345 kWh
  • Monetary / year 949 EUR
  • CO2 savings / year 56 kg
    • Water & Sewage cost per m3: 3.35 EUR
    • Energy cost per kWh: 0.305 EUR
    • Energy source: hydro power

    Given values are for an average household in Germany.
    Please refer to your water/energy supplier for your local costs.

    Life with Orbital Shower

    Orbital Shower owners enjoy comfort without compromise

    Commonly asked questions

    Why is it important to save water?

    There are many reasons to save water! Water infrastructures in many cities—even in Scandinavia—were not built to support population growth and urbanization, which will likely lead to higher water taxes and water supply shortages in the future. Furthermore, the environmental impact brought on by climate change in recent years has affected our water supply, already creating shortages in some areas. Saving water also cuts down on energy consumption, energy production emissions, and the use of chemicals for water treatments.

    How long will it take to get my money’s worth?

    With Orbital Shower’s circular technology, the more water you use, the more you save. Great both for your wallet and for the planet. An average family of five sees a return on investment (ROI) in 3.5 years. We’ll be adding an ROI calculator soon, where you can calculate your savings for yourself. Join our newsletter to stay in a loop.

    Isn’t recirculated water dirty?

    No, only water that is non-contaminated is recycled. Each drop is filtered and purified through a UV light before being reused. The Orbital Shower system is also equipped with an automated self-cleaning between each shower session, removing potentially harmful bacteria that can be found in other shower systems. 

    Is Orbital Shower more complicated than a regular shower?

    Not at all! Any certified plumber can follow our manual to install Orbital shower. Our technicians will do the final check, connect and activate the shower for you, so that you have the best shower experience from day one. Maintenance is easy too— just change the filters every 6 months or every 200 sessions. For more details visit our care guide.

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