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Together we can shape the world around us. For us it's all about acting now, not tomorrow. We want to create a paradigm shift in the way we use water. Today.

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  • Up to
    90% water

    saved using cutting-edge technology

  • Up to
    80% energy

    saved with built-in heat correction

    100% consistent

    flow, pressure and temperature

  • Cleaner than
    tap water

    the water is purified in real time

  • Follow your
    water consumption

    see how much water you save in the app

  • Award-winning

    invented and manufactured in Sweden

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Why Orbital Shower

Saves water compared to a traditional shower

Orbital Shower measures water quality 20 times per second. Dirty water is replaced with new while the rest is cleaned and filtered on impurities while you shower. This way you save up to 90% water and can enjoy long showers with minimal water consumption.

Saves energy and lowers your CO2 emission

By circulating the water, the shower doesn’t need as much energy to heat it. The internal heater in the system corrects the circulated water to the precise temperature chosen. This way, you can save up to 80 % of energy and lower your CO2 emission.

A good investment for you and the planet

As an effect of saving water and energy, you’ll be able to cut down on your costs too. By decreasing your monthly cost, the shower will prove to be a good investment for both you and the environment.

A safe investment

Orbital Shower does not only offer cutting-edge technology and an exceptional shower experience. It’s a good investment too. The investment cost of 49,900 SEK will cost you an average of 50 SEK / month if you include it in your mortgage. At the same time, the average family makes water and energy equal to 1200 SEK a month with the Orbital Shower*. Read more in our examples.
  • Nilssons Family
  • Erik and Malin

  • Water savings / year 116 774 litres
  • Energy savings / year 3 916 kWh
  • Monetary / year 1 586 EUR
  • CO2 savings / year 94 kg
The Nilssons are an active family of four living in the south of Sweden. To use nature's resources smarter, they've installed an Orbital Shower. A typical week they take 25 showers, each taking 10 minutes. How did we calculate? arrow
Water & Sewage cost per m3: 3.35 EUR Energy cost per kWh: 0.305 EUR Energy source: hydro power Given values are for an average household in Germany.
  • Water savings / year 69 845 litres
  • Energy savings / year 2 345 kWh
  • Monetary / year 949 EUR
  • CO2 savings / year 56 kg
Erik and Malin have decided to take the leap and include Orbital Shower to their constantly upgrading smart home. They take in average 15 showers per week for ca 10 minutes. And this is what they save in a year: How did we calculate? arrow
Water & Sewage cost per m3: 3.35 EUR
Energy cost per kWh: 0.305 EUR
Energy source: hydro power
Given values are for an average household in Germany.
Use our calculator to get a personalised estimate.
  • Vatten- och avloppstaxa per m3: 40 kr
  • Energikostnad per kWh: 1.5 kr
  • Energikälla: vattenkraft

Räkna själv för att se hur mycket du kan spara med vår räknare.

See for yourself how much you can save

Daily showers in the household
3 showers / day
min 1
max 10
Water price (m3)
Energy price (kWh)
Energy source

The results are based on 10 minute shower sessions. 

Your savings

  • Water
    98 093 litres
    An equivalent to washing laundry 1 402 times.
  • Energy
    3 313 kWh
    An equivalent to 47 329 active hours on a laptop.
  • CO2
    80 kg
    An equivalent to driving 8 000 km with an electric car.
  • Money
    An equivalent to buying 344 takeaway coffees.
See your local prices for water and energy

A smart refurbishment

  • Bathroom refurbishment
  • New home
  • Housing association

If you increase your mortgage for a refurbishment, Orbital Shower will add only an inconsiderable cost to your monthly mortgage. More importantly, when you factor in the water and energy savings of the Orbital Shower, you’ll end up paying less. For an active family, the typical payback period of an Orbital Shower, including the Orbital Care plan, is 3.5 years.

Download full calculation

Propose Orbital Shower to your housing association. You and your neighbours will be able to save millions of liters of water and a vast amounts of energy every year. These savings also translate into significant economic benefits for the entire association over time.

Download full calculation
Buying a new home presents a unique opportunity to make the home exactly like you want it. The bathroom plays a big part in that. With an Orbital Shower, you’ll not only get a premium shower with minimal environmental impact, you’ll also save money. You can often recoup your investment in an Orbital Shower in less than 5 years, while also increasing the value of your home. Download full calculation

How Orbital Shower works


The road to the circular shower

Owning an 
Orbital Shower

Our consumers tell us about their experiences from owning an Orbital Shower


Why is it important to save water?

There are many reasons to save water! Water infrastructures in many cities—even in Scandinavia—were not built to support population growth and urbanization, which will likely lead to higher water taxes and water supply shortages in the future. Furthermore, the environmental impact brought on by climate change in recent years has affected our water supply, already creating shortages in some areas. Saving water also cuts down on energy consumption, energy production emissions, and the use of chemicals for water treatments.

How long will it take to get my money’s worth?

With Orbital Shower’s circular technology, the more water you use, the more you save. Great both for your wallet and for the planet. An average family of five sees a return on investment (ROI) in 3.5 years. 

Isn’t recirculated water dirty?

No, only water that is non-contaminated is recycled. Each drop is filtered and purified through a UV light before being reused. The Orbital Shower system is also equipped with an automated self-cleaning between each shower session, removing potentially harmful bacteria that can be found in other shower systems.

Is Orbital Shower more complicated than a regular shower?

Not at all! Any certified plumber can follow our manual to install Orbital shower. Our technicians will do the final check, connect and activate the shower for you, so that you have the best shower experience from day one. Maintenance is easy too— just change the filters every 6 months or every 200 sessions. For more details visit our care guide.

How Is Water And Energy Saved By The Orbital Shower?

The Orbital Shower is designed to use a small amount of water, continuously purified, recirculated and comfort-corrected to the ideal temperature and water flow. Since we recirculate hot water, we only need to compensate for temperature loss during recirculation (1-4°C). This way, you save both water and energy.

How Do I Clean The Orbital Shower?

While our technology takes care of almost everything, the system will need a little help from you to run smoothly. The Filter Capsule will last for 6 months or up to approximately 200 shower sessions, whichever comes sooner.
The UV Lamp & Quartz Glass is cleaned yearly. Every other week the Orbital Shower will let you know that it’s time to put a Cleaning Tablet on the shower floor and initiate the cleaning program. Just like any other shower, the floor and drain regularly need to be cleaned of hair and larger particles.

What Happens If I Wash My Dog Or Do My Dishes In The Shower?

The shower system is designed for human showering, and is made to handle dirt, regular soaps, and hygiene products. Using the Orbital Shower for other purposes may compromise the system functionality or damage the system. This includes disposing of any type of contaminants that are not normally expected in the shower such as large amounts of mud, hair and harsh chemicals, etc.

Can I install Orbital Shower in a caravan?

The Orbital Shower is suited for convential bathrooms or commercial projects. Orbital Shower is therefore not optimal to be installed in vehicles. Although it is possible to install the system in a caravan, it is not something we recommend, as certain functions can be limited if all installation requirements are not met. Our shower uses e.g. of sensitive sensors that require a flat floor to function properly. This makes it difficult to install it in a moving vehicle.

Can I try Orbital Shower before buying?

The door to our head office is always open! You can also experience the Orbital Shower in one of our showrooms, in a hotel or at another facility that uses our showers. All you have to do is go to our website and book a live demo.

The first step towards the shower of the future Order Orbital Shower

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* Water and energy saving levels may depend on what water flow and temperature you prefer, as well as whether you have floor heating and shower walls. The example is based on a family of four, where everyone showers an average of 10 minutes per day with a water flow of 12L / min.

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