Hotels can spend a lot of time—and money—trying to shape the perfect guest experience. Regardless of price range or hotel class, the aim is to deliver a memorable stay that will keep guests coming back. 

Usually that means higher quality beds, more tv channels, personal touches, décor choices, or amenities such as pools and gyms. Perhaps, hotels are missing a great opportunity with one of the more emotional experiences a guest will judge their stay on—the joy or disappointment of the shower.

What makes for a great shower experience? The usual components include consistent water pressure and temperature. There’s nothing worse than a disappointingly low, water flow, that takes too long to rinse out all the shampoo and conditioner. Or worse yet, a blast of cold or scalding water.

Interestingly, recent research from travel giant also reveals that 65% of global travellers expressed an intention to stay in eco-friendly accommodation, thus hotels have a fine balancing act to deliver comfortable and sustainable hotel stays. Many hotel brands have already introduced various eco-efficiencies to reduce their overall water footprint. Unfortunately, this may mean guests are often stuck with low pressure, water-saving shower heads, which can compromise the overall shower experience.

At Orbital Systems, our mission is to completely transform the shower experience by introducing the next generation shower. Equipped with sensors, the Oas shower analyses the shower water 20 times per second and comfort-corrects it to the ideal flow and temperature. The Oas is much more than a conventional shower, it only uses a few litres of water whilst letting your guests shower for as long as they like – without any of the guilt. Our certified space recirculation and water purification technology, means water is re-purified to a better standard than what came out from the tap in the first place, and looped back continuously for the duration of the shower session.

Plus the system is smart enough to feed shower data and savings to a computer or app, giving hotels the ability to real-time monitor water use and savings by room, floor or entire hotel. Better yet, savings can be displayed in-room to guests or in the hotel lobby, affirming your hotel’s commitment to water conservation and sustainability.  And with a typical 300-room hotel using over 1 million litres (264,000 gallons) of water per month, a potential 90% saving in water and 80% in energy can have a big impact, in helping hotels achieve their sustainability goals.