Startups all over the world are harnessing new technology and creativity to introduce eco-friendly options into everyday life, including the growing area of sustainable travel. One of these is Poshtel PopUp, a Danish brand who wants you to rethink your next holiday with their sustainable, luxury pop-up containers. An avant-garde idea to say the least.

Poshtel PopUp re-designs and places, upcycled shipping containers in incredible, off-the-grid locations with just 4-6 months notice. Their concept introduces a new level of flexibility into the traditional hospitality investment model. Landowners can apply to host a popup suite or popup village, and the units are then assembled, transported, installed and rented out without the need for any permanent infrastructure. When the moment has passed, the units can be moved to a new location with minimum impact on the surrounding environment and without displacing local communities.

The popups are stylish and designed to bring hotel-style comfort to remote, off-grid locations by integrating the latest in design and technology. All made possible with the use of a 5th element service unit that offers sustainable and affordable “power, water, sewage, in a box” so that a suite can operate 100 percent independently from the grid. We are pleased to collaborate with Poshtel on this new and disruptive concept. Starting in Denmark, then further afield, Poshtel will be integrating the Oas shower into their popup suites allowing guests to shower for as long as they like - without damaging the environment and only using a fraction of the water needed. By integrating the Oas shower, Poshtel can be four times more water efficient and reduce its water storage and transport needs notably - which can be significant if you are looking at setting up an off-grid village.

Poshtel PopUp sees itself as part of a larger movement that will challenge the traditional hotel industry. A movement focused on sustainable design to encourage a generation of change-makers who want to partake in responsible travel. A unique opportunity allowing urbanites to unplug from the wired world in lesser known locations with eco-friendly, off-grid experiences. Poshtel PopUp is currently targeting Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan in a number of franchise deals. Take advantage of these new pop-up locations before they disappear and pop-up elsewhere. You can find the first PopUps on AirBnB and don’t forget to share your #OasShower experience with us too.