Inspired by an academic project with NASA, our Shower of the Future brings space-grade technology into your home and is guided by NASA sustainability principles; our resources are precious and limited and must be conserved.

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Head shower

An all new shower head designed to enhance the flow, pressure and delicately controlled temperature of your Shower of the Future. Whether free-standing, or integrated within your shower cabin ceiling, your carefully designed shower head will rejuvenate and refresh.

Control wheel

Clockwise for hot. Counter-clockwise for cold. Push to start and stop. Shower of the Future takes care of everything else. Spoil yourself and save the earth with minimum effort.

Hand shower

Giving you power, flexibility and freedom to enjoy your shower your way. The hand shower continuously adapts to the high pressure and water flow, creating endless possibilities for your eco-luxury shower experience.

Shower base

Encased within a standard shower tray (90 x 90 cm) lies the heart of this revolutionary technology. All within 15 cm, smaller than the steps on your staircase.


Micro Capsule

Shower of the Future's Micro Capsule purifies the recycled water and offers filtration capabilities with superior efficiency. All unwanted molecules are filtered from your water, removing any contaminants from your shower experience.

Nano Capsule

Our Nano Capsule preserves the purity of your water, ensuring your shower water is cleaner than most conventional. It acts to purify the water from all unwanted particles, including viruses, bacteria and 99.9% of toxins, metals and oils.

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Precise temperature

Never again experience sudden temperature changes thanks to the digitally controlled temperature regulation.

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Water quality sensor
Shower pump
Control box
Floor drain
Instant heater
Micro capsule
Nano capsule
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