Inspired by an academic project with NASA, our Shower of the Future brings space-grade technology into your home and is guided by NASA sustainability principles; our resources are precious and limited and must be conserved.

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Shower head

The OAS shower head delivers your 5 litres of water at a steady rate of 12 litres per minute. That’s more than almost any shower we know of, a rejuvenating experience you can enjoy as long as you like, every single day, without wasting a drop.

Control wheel

The OAS control wheel gives you responsive fingertip control of your shower temperature, and starts and stops OAS at a gentle touch. Shower temperature is displayed on the wheel’s face.

Handheld nozzle

The OAS handheld nozzle offers the exact same flow and pressure as the shower head, freeing you to shower as you like with the same high comfort.

Housing panel

The OAS housing panel hides the core technology managing ongoing water purification, temperature correction and flow adjustment. Whether it’s integrated into your wall or mounted to it, its sleek lines and easy-clean surface add to the fresh, modern aesthetic of your shower.

Filter bay

Individually signed

Every OAS shower is hand-assembled by a lead designer/engineer at our headquarters in Sweden before it is shipped to you. Their signature is your guarantee of craftsmanship and the care they put into configuring your personal OAS.

OAS filter pod

The OAS filter ensures the cleanest water you can shower in—regardless of how long you shower. It purifies water from all unwanted particles, including viruses, bacteria and 99.9% of all toxins, metals, and oils. The pod requires periodic changing, which varies according to use—simply click or unclick it from the filter bay when OAS alerts you of the need for a change.

Precise temperature

Never again experience sudden temperature changes thanks to the digitally controlled temperature regulation.

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Water quality sensor
Shower pump
Control box
Floor drain
Instant heater
Micro capsule
Nano capsule
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