Orbital Systems wins Research & Development Gold Accolade

november 14, 2017

The Emirates Energy Awards shape the future of the energy sector in the UAE, by highlighting best practices and pioneering work towards energy efficiency and sustainable development. The awards are managed by the Supreme Council of Energy, which reviews and conducts the award assessment and selection.

Orbital Systems has been awarded the gold prize in Research & Development, for "its unique, closed-loop, re-purification technology, which recirculates a small amount of cleaned water." The technology is first applied in the Oas shower which uses only a fraction of the water and heating energy of a typical shower, up to 90% less water and up to 80% less energy.

A system using less water also means in countries like the UAE, that less water requires desalination, which leads to overall decreased energy consumption and a reduced CO2 footprint.

Read the full press release.



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