In Blekinge, Sweden, a region that experiences drought and annual water restrictions, Orbital technology lets owners like Ingela Carlsson and her family be conscientious about their water use—while still enjoying spa-like shower experiences at home.
Water recirculating shower, Blekinge, Sweden

How has the Orbital Shower experience been for you?

It’s fantastic. It looks really great, but it’s the whole feeling you get…. There’s just something in that moment, standing under the gentle streams of water, like standing in warm rain. But of course, it’s a combination of things, the design and water savings. We lived in California, and we’ve definitely been affected by our time there. It’s likely why it’s so important to us to save water.

“I can just let the water run, I’m not wasting any, and that feels great.”
Ingela Carlsson
Blekinge, Sweden

We worried a bit during installation, mostly about the technology requiring electricity. But we have solar cells, and produce more electricity than we use, so that won’t ever be a worry—and it makes our smart house all the more sustainable.
Ingela Carlsson sustainable home

Do you think the sustainability trend is still growing?

Absolutely, it’s a big part of our lives. And there are so many emerging technologies like Orbital Shower becoming available, we can all be way more sustainability-minded without lowering our living standards—technology is making it easy. And there are new things coming every day. We’re in a period of immense entrepreneurship, where more and more creative minds are tackling tough questions, and finding answers.
We meet a lot of like-minded people, and have many discussions about how we could all be living more sustainably. It has become a natural part of even casual conversations. And considering our water and energy challenges, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

“The contractors were really excited to be working with Orbital Shower and building our climate-smart home.”
Ingela Carlsson
Blekinge, Sweden

How do your guests react to Orbital Shower?

They love it. Everyone wants a turn, there’s almost a waiting list for the shower. We’re very proud owners, and when we like something, we also like to convince others. And it leads to discussions about the solar cells, and how to make our homes more sustainable in general. We believe that if you have the resources, you should build as environmentally smart as you can. Orbital Shower gets the conversation rolling.