Vatten restriktioner i Danmark fick Sanne att installera cirkulerande duschar i hemmet

december 8, 2020

Sanne Hougaard, tillsammans med pojkvän och dotter, passade på att bilda sig ett mer hållbart levnadssätt i samband med bygget av deras nya hus i Fyn, Danmark. Det innebar bland annat att installera solpaneler men också två nya Orbital Showers.…

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Shower with comfort and conscience

december 31, 2019
In Blekinge, Sweden, a region that experiences drought and annual water restrictions, Orbital technology lets owners like Ingela Carlsson and her family be conscientious about their water use—while still enjoying spa-like shower experiences at home.
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Get ready to deploy a 3D printed house, off the grid

maj 21, 2019

"In a factory in Nevada, a large 3D printer prints the pieces of new prefab tiny homes that can work fully off the grid. When complete, the houses will run on solar power, including heating and cooling. An optional system …

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12 liters make all the water you want

mars 19, 2019

If you're a seasoned motorhome or camper traveller, you'll have to have it. If you've never thought the RV lifestyle would work for you, it could make you reconsider. It's likely the most important innovation since the slide room extension. …

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Sustainable modular housing uses Orbital technology

december 19, 2018

The traditional building industry might have been one of the biggest polluters and energy users globally. But millennials—and millennials-at-heart—are changing all that. By leading the demand for more sustainable housing. And putting modular development at the forefront of new home …

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Prefab and Modular housing leveraging sustainable technologies

juli 4, 2018

It is not breaking news that the building industry is one of the biggest pollutant and energy users, globally. But, as industry heads have experienced the market’s reaction and changing priorities, we’ve seen a substantial shift in production methods. This …

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