It's a mod world

December 19, 2018

The traditional building industry might have been one of the biggest polluters and energy users globally. But millennials—and millennials-at-heart—are changing all that. By leading the demand for more sustainable housing. And putting modular development at the forefront of new home …

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These hotels are tackling the water crisis — one shower at a time

October 8, 2018

Fresh water scarcity is a global crisis affecting up to 2 billion people. It won't be solved by reusing your towels. Meet two of Europe's most innovative hotels, where the NASA-inspired showers use up to 90% less water and 80% …

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Prefab and Modular: The Building Blocks For Sustainable Building

July 4, 2018

It is not breaking news that the building industry is one of the biggest pollutant and energy users, globally. But, as industry heads have experienced the market’s reaction and changing priorities, we’ve seen a substantial shift in production methods. This …

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Sustainable startups leading the way

April 9, 2018

Startups all over the world are harnessing new technology and creativity to introduce eco-friendly options into everyday life, including the growing area of sustainable travel. One of these is Poshtel PopUp, a Danish brand who wants you to rethink your …

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Launched: The OAS Shower Is Mobile

April 3, 2018

OSYS Mobile, our latest certified partner, introduced the first mobile Oas shower at the 97th International Convention & RV Expo on March 15th, 2018 in Perry, Georgia, US.

Watch the Founder of OSYS Mobile and President & CEO of Mobile …

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Orbital Systems a Hive 50 Innovator

December 7, 2017

The HIVE Conference, short for Housing Innovation, Vision & Economics, takes its place as the most valuable community for innovators in the housing ecosystem. HIVE is the curtain call to the cast of innovators who will shape housing today and …

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