Save water and energy 
with Orbital Shower

Conserving the planet’s most precious resources with a smart shower cuts down on personal costs too.

See for yourself how much you can save

Daily showers in the household
3 showers / day
min 1
max 10
Water price (m3)
Energy price (kWh)
Energy source

The results are based on 10 minute shower sessions. 

Your savings

  • Water
    98 093 litres
    An equivalent to washing laundry 1 402 times.
  • Energy
    3 313 kWh
    An equivalent to 47 329 active hours on a laptop.
  • CO2
    80 kg
    An equivalent to driving 8 000 km with an electric car.
  • Money
    An equivalent to buying 344 takeaway coffees.
  • Water
    8 055 litres
    An equivalent to washing laundry 117 times.
  • Energy
    273 kWh
    An equivalent to 3 945 active hours on a laptop.
  • CO2
    7 kg
    An equivalent to driving 667 km with an electric car.
  • Monetary
    An equivalent to buying 29 takeaway coffees.
See your local prices for water and energy

Contact us and we will be happy to send you an estimate specific for your home or housing association.

Orbital Shower — a smart investment

  • Bathroom refurbishment
  • New home
  • Housing association

Bathroom refurbishment with Orbital Shower

If you increase your mortgage for a refurbishment, Orbital Shower will add only an inconsiderable cost to your monthly mortgage. More importantly, when you factor in the water and energy savings of the Orbital Shower, you’ll end up paying less. For an active family, the typical payback period of an Orbital Shower, including the Orbital Care plan, is 3.5 years.

  • Water savings / year 151 780 liters
  • Energy savings / year 5 218 kWh
  • CO2 savings / year 762 kg
  • Monetary / year 8952 SEK

A new way of showering in your new home

Buying a new home presents a unique opportunity to make the home exactly like you want it. The bathroom plays a big part in that. With an Orbital Shower, you’ll not only get a premium shower with minimal environmental impact, you’ll also save money. You can often recoup your investment in an Orbital Shower in less than 5 years, while also increasing the value of your home.

  • Water savings / year 151 780 liters
  • Energy savings / year 5 218 kWh
  • CO2 savings / year 762 kg
  • Monetary / year 8952 SEK

Empower your housing association to choose sustainability

Propose Orbital Shower to your housing association. You and your neighbours will be able to save millions of liters of water and a vast amounts of energy every year. These savings also translate into significant economic benefits for the entire association over time.

  • Water savings / year 4 638 080 liters
  • Energy savings / year 158 236 kWh
  • CO2 savings / year 23 102 kg
  • Monetary / year 237 728 SEK

Join us in saving

Every day we are conserving our planet's resources, just by showering smarter.

  • Water saved
    17.000.000 L
    of water saved
  • kwh energy
    650.000 kWh
    of energy saved
  • co2 saved
    183.995 kg
    of CO2 saved
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*Large family case: Family consists of 3 kids and 2 adults taking 10 min showers / person / day. Energy price is average price in Sweden, 1,50kr kWh.  Water & sewage is average price for Typhus A villa in Sweden, 5kr/liter. Calculated on marginal cost of Orbital Shower compared to cost of premium shower set (head, hand, diverter, mixer, drain, in this case value of 30.000 SEK). Orbital Care plan, 10 year warranty and consumables included.

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