Shower of the Future at the annual national conference of the German Green Party

November 11, 2015

Between November 20-22, Swedish cleantech company ORBITAL SYSTEMS will present their Shower of the Future in the exhibition area of the German Green Party annual national conference (Bundesdelegiertenkonferenz) in Halle/Saale, Saxony-Anhalt.

ORBITAL SYSTEMS’ patented recycling technology saves up to 90% of the water and up to 80% of the energy. The nanotechnology-based filter system ensures increased hot water purity compared to the cold water coming straight from the tap, according to tests performed by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Furthermore, the shower offers a higher showering comfort as it doubles the water flow compared to traditional showers.

Showers of the Future are installed and used daily in public bathing institutions, sports arenas, hospitals and hotels throughout Scandinavia. It is an ideal combination of sustainability, eco-friendliness and long-term cost saving opportunities, especially in areas where people often take numerous and long showers.

ORBITAL SYSTEMS has already received a number of prestigious innovation awards, like the Edison Award in New York City in April 2015, and was finalist at the GreenTec Awards in Berlin in May 2015. The unique re-circulation technology has also been certified as Certified Space Technology by the US Space Foundation.

During the conference, ORBITAL SYSTEMS will present a fully functioning Shower of the Future, for the visitors of the exhibition area to experience in action. The company’s German representative will be available to demonstrate the system and answer questions.

In spite of its recent launch on the German market, ORBITAL SYSTEMS has already seen an overwhelming interest from German companies, institutions and municipalities and expect the first installations in Germany to be announced shortly.

Further information on the Shower of the Future can be found here:



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