Orbital Systems expands ecosystem for smart water use with launch of Orbital Tap and investment from Amazon’s Alexa Fund.

June 1, 2022

Orbital Systems is launching a new product and has secured an investment from the Amazon Alexa Fund.

Based on the insight that real paradigm shifts need to be made by everyone, every day, the company has set out to create products that not only save water and energy, but also increases the user experience while doing so. Orbital has seen great interest in its first product – the world’s first circular shower – and is continuously ramping up production to meet increased demand. To further add to the user experience, Orbital now launches Smart Home compatibility and an Orbital Audio upgrade.

"The Alexa Fund is excited about emerging concepts that advance the state of the art of what it means to have a truly sustainable home."

Paul Bernard, Director of the Alexa Fund

Each Orbital device can now connect to your smart home system enabling customized shower sessions with presets around temperature, flow, timing, and an immersive HiFi music experience while taking long, spa-like showers without wasting water and energy.

In addition to this, Orbital expands its ecosystem of smart water solutions with the introduction of its next product – the Orbital Tap. Available in selected markets after summer 2022.

Orbital Tap addresses another significant source of water waste, by re-using sink water for flushing the toilet. It’s an efficient way of further reducing and optimizing water usage in the part of the home where water waste is among the highest, without compromising comfort.

“For too long have we been flushing toilets with drinking water, which is really provoking if you think about it. The paradigm shift to stop this water waste is long overdue. By launching the Orbital Tap, our second product, we are taking the next steps in building an ecosystem for smarter water and, in that regard, we are very pleased to have a real smart-home expert investor joining our mission” says Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, Founder and CEO of Orbital Systems.

“The Alexa Fund is excited about emerging concepts that advance the state of the art of what it means to have a truly sustainable home. The Orbital team has a compelling, no compromise approach that incorporates the latest in sensing and filtration technology, while also embracing voice computing and other smart home features that elevate sustainability.” says Paul Bernard, Director of the Alexa Fund.

More information and press enquiries:

Peter Bixe peter.b@orbital-systems.com, +46 763 27 08 89

Orbital Systems was founded in 2012 by Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, after an academic collaboration project between NASA and Lund University. Orbital Systems has a global portfolio of more than 100 patents.


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