Orbital Systems’ groundbreaking environmental friendly showers ready for worldwide product launch after successful trial

November 7, 2013

The Swedish city of Malmo will buy Orbital Systems’ groundbreaking shower units after a highly successful trial during which the city saved more than 100,000 litres of water in just two months. The deal comes as CNN features the company in its international programme ‘Blueprint’, which showcases the most advanced design and technology from around the world.

Orbital Systems has developed a disruptive water recycling technology to be used in domestic appliances. The patented technology makes the world's most advanced and efficient shower unit, saving up to over 90% water and 80% energy, whilst increasing comfort and hygiene. The first two shower units were installed at Ribersborg’s open-air swimming-bath in the city of Malmö, Sweden, during the summer of 2013. After two months of running they saved more than 100 000 litres of water.

From the very start the invention has attracted international attention and investment, including from Niklas Zennstrom, the founder of Skype.

Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, founder of Orbital Systems said:

We know that the planet has to save water and energy. Orbital Systems’ shower units do that while not compromising on comfort and hygiene. Now that the product is trialled, sold and installed we are ready for the next step and launch the product worldwide. Our goal is very simple: to help people all over the world save energy and water, and help create a more sustainable future.”

Håkan Blixt, City Property Manager, City of Malmö, Sweden said:

“We are delighted to install Orbital Systems’ products because it will help Malmo to achieve its ambitious environmental goals for 2020. It will save our city energy and money, and will contribute to a more sustainable society”.

Last week CNN International, which reaches 270 million households worldwide, came to Orbital Systems in Malmö to record the show Blueprint. The show explores the very latest design and technology trends. In this week’s show that airs 8.00 pm GMT they are looking at Orbital Systems and the company’s journey from a university project to an up and running company in the market.

For more information contact:


Mehrdad Mahdjoubi

CEO and Founder Orbital Systems

+46 (0) 40 619 55 55, mehrdad@orbital-systems.com

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