Open letter: Sweden needs a Water Minister

March 22, 2021

Today it’s World Water Day, but for us, every day is. However, we want to use this day to share an open letter from our founder, Mehrdad Mahdjoubi. In his letter, Mehrdad addresses the immediate need for a Minister of Water in Sweden.

An open letter addressing the world's most irreplaceable resource and Sweden’s opportunity to become a world leader within the field.

Life on earth depends on three essential resources; energy, nutrition, and water. Fortunately, we have endless energy and nutrition – thanks to the sun and photosynthesis. On the other hand, water is in limited supply on our planet, and only 0.5% of the water is drinkable.

The average person in Sweden consumes 200 liters of freshwater each day. In contrast, the UN recommends that 50 liters are enough to maintain good health and hygiene.

If we continue to use water as we always have in Scandinavia, acute water shortages will become a problem here as well. Several regions have already had issues with droughts several summers in a row.

With this letter, I want to highlight an opportunity that Sweden has that other countries lack. A chance to avoid a future disaster, and at the same time, create both jobs and solutions that we can export globally.

So, what can we do?

1. Start by appointing a Swedish Minister of Water. Don't wait with this until the crisis is a fact. With a dedicated leader in this area, we can illuminate and tackle the water issue from a much broader and deeper perspective.

2. Variable water price. History shows that price mechanisms based on supply and demand work better to increase living standards. At the same time, they incentivize more efficient use of resources. Instead of banning irrigation of lawns during the summer, it should simply cost more. There are solutions to be obtained from other countries. For example, pricing ladders where the basic need is subsidized but higher consumption costs more. The point is that awareness of price, supply, and demand of our most critical resource needs to be better, and we all benefit from increasing that awareness.

3. Broaden the focus to include both supply and demand. Learn from the energy sector; this industry realized decades ago that they could not continue to rely on digging up more coal or producing more wind power. Their mindset has successfully shifted to focus on new energy-efficient solutions and subsidizing them ahead of energy-consuming alternatives. The conditions for applying similar principles to the water sector are excellent - this is already happening in countries that are vulnerable to water shortages. Sweden has the competence, technology, and resources to take a leading position within this field.

Mehrdad Mahdjoubi
Water Evangelist, Founder, and CEO, Orbital Systems

The letter is addressed to policy makers and water users in Sweden. Sign the letter here and help change the future – today.

Sign the letter here: https://orbital-systems.com/sv/varldsvattendagen-2021/


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