Healthcare of the Future – Orbital Systems’ Shower of the Future Installed at Swedish Hospital

September 10, 2015

The Central Hospital in Kristianstad, Sweden (CSK) is the world's first hospital to introduce the resource efficient, ultra hygienic shower system, Shower of the Future, by award winning Swedish start-up, ORBITAL SYSTEMS.

ORBITAL SYSTEMS’ patented recycling technology saves up to 90% of the water and, since the purified water only needs reheating, up to 80% of the energy as well. The nano technology filter system is so effective that the hot water actually contains less bacteria than shower water straight from the tap, according to tests performed by the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (current Public Health Agency of Sweden). The purification system ensures that the shower water is completely free from Legionella bacteria, which otherwise poses a significant threat to patients with reduced immune system capacity, and thereby also is a major cost in preventing it from spreading.

This first installation is an important part of the regional healthcare environmental program in Southern Sweden for 2010 – 2020, where patient hygiene until now has been a significant cost. A reduction to 10 – 20% of today’s consumption is an important step towards a climate neutral and sustainable healthcare.

- Looking to energy and water savings alone, we expect the investment to have paid for itself within three years. After that, we save money for every shower, says Sten Velander, environmental strategist at CSK. If we consider the reduced costs from eliminated Legionella prevention, it will have paid for itself much sooner.

The Shower of the Future has been granted Certified Space Technology by the United States Space Foundation, since the technology is developed along the same principles applied for space shuttles, where water and energy are limited resources. The technology itself has won the price as Sweden’s greatest invention (SKAPA 2014) and in the US as one of the world’s leading innovations (Edison Award 2015) as well as being a finalist for the biggest European price for environmental technology in Germany (Green Tech Award 2015) and the world’s most acknowledge design price (INDEX: Award 2015) in Denmark.

- We are proud to be a part of the development towards a more sustainable healthcare in Sweden and we see that our technology really does make a big difference, says Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, Founder and CEO, ORBITAL SYSTEMS. Swedish healthcare is pioneering new technology and CSK is leading the way in Sweden.

Even though ORBITAL SYSTEMS' showers provide a 90% lower water consumption, the water pressure is still 50% higher than in a conventional shower. This means improved comfort and hygiene, but also a much better shower experience for the user.

The showers have met the regional healthcare system's comprehensive standards regarding economy, hygiene, sustainability and materials, where all the relevant levels of staff and management at the hospital, have participated. The installation at CSK sets a new standard for healthcare providers in the Nordic and northern Europe, securing the Nordic lead in sustainable healthcare.

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