Frederiksberg Svømmehal lead the way to public baths of the future

December 9, 2015

Frederiksberg Svømmehal, one of Copenhagen’s oldest and most renowned public baths, has placed an order for the biggest installation of ORBITAL SYSTEMS’ award winning Shower of the Future outside Sweden.

ORBITAL SYSTEMS’ patented recycling technology saves up to 90 % of the water and up to 80% of the heating energy, while at the same time increasing flow and temperature stability. For a public bath institution with 600.000 - 700.000 annual showering visitors, this means radical savings as well as enhanced customer experiences. Although the shower water is recycled, the nanotechnology-based filter system removes impurities so efficiently, the hot shower water contains less bacteria and viruses than the cold drinking water coming straight from the tap, according to tests performed by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Frederiksberg Svømmehal was designed by the famous Danish architect A.S. Lauritzen and inaugurated in 1934. It has since served Copenhageners as a recreational, cultural and social hotspot for almost four generations. In later years the institution has added a spa, a hot water pool and a fitness center, expanding the bath to a wider target group. It is today one of the most popular public baths in the Copenhagen area.

This installation is an important step in the sustainable development of Frederiksberg Svømmehal. A reduction of 80 – 90% in water and energy usage enables more resources to be invested in further development.

– Looking to energy and water savings alone, we expect the investment to have paid for itself within less than three years. After that, we save money for every little shower, says Kim Andersson, managing director at Frederiksberg Svømmehal.

In 2015 Shower of the Future was appointed as Certified Space Technology by the United States Space Foundation. The technology is developed along the same principles that are applied for space shuttles, where water and energy are limited resources. Orbital Systems was awarded Sweden’s greatest invention (SKAPA 2014, SE), appointed one of the world’s leading innovations (Edison Award 2015, US) and second only to Tesla Motors in the world’s most acknowledged design award (INDEX: Award 2015, DK).

– We are proud to announce our first installation outside of Sweden. A complete shower renovation project in one of Denmark’s largest and most frequented bath institutions, Frederiksberg Svømmehal. This is a great, pioneering initiative that truly sets the standard for future collaborations, says Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, CEO, ORBITAL SYSTEMS.

Frederiksberg Svømmehal Bruseprojekt.pdf

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