A shower like you’ve 
never experienced before

See why the Orbital Shower is in a 
league all by itself
Up to 90%
water savings *
Up to 80%
energy savings *
Made in
* Actual water and energy savings will vary according to user behaviour.

Save water without 

Is it really possible to reuse water while showering and reduce wastage? 

With the Orbital Shower, it is. The smart system filters, purifies, reheats and then recirculates the water you use during your shower. 

So, if an average 10-minute shower consumes about 100 litres of water, the Orbital Shower uses only a fraction of this, saving up to 90% of water.

Powerful and 
refreshing for your 

Not all showers are built equal. While some will save water, they won’t wash all the shampoo from your hair or leave you feeling really clean. 

But not with the Orbital Shower. The smart system enables you to set the precise temperature you want, and because it recirculates the water, it provides you with a consistent and powerful flow for an enjoyable shower.

Enjoy more with 
less energy

Water heating is the second-largest energy expense in the home, and some showers use twice as much energy and hot water than we need. 

Except the Orbital Shower. It saves energy by adjusting the cleaned water back to the pre-set temperature to give you a comfortable experience.

Your shower just got 
more personal

Imagine being able to program your shower while still in bed; or to track how much water you used after you’ve showered? 

You can easily do it all with ‘My Water,’ our app and online platform that enables you to keep track of your water usage and do much more. 

Conserving water and seeing how your water efficiency ultimately makes a difference is a win-win for you and for the planet.

For that really 
clean feeling

Did you know that the water from a shower heads isn’t always 100% pure? Bacteria such as legionella can contaminate human-made building water systems like showers and sink faucets. 

But you never have to worry with the Orbital Shower. It significantly reduces the risk of legionella by filtering and purifying water with UV-C rays, enabling you to indulge in a cleaner, fresher water.

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