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Pre-order Orbital Shower

Circular shower system

Installation Type
What’s the difference
Remote Cabinet
Est. Delivery: 

The classic solution that easily adapts to your style.

Your Oas shower system will be delivered complete with everything you need to get started, including:

  • Core unit
  • Sensor drain
  • Head & hand shower
  • Filter capsule
  • Access to pre-installation support
  • Oas installation*

A certified Oas partner will soon contact you to coordinate your Oas installation. They will support you through the pre-installation and will then activate your Oas shower.

Orbital Systems automatically supplies you with new filters based on your usage. All you have to do is replace used filters with a new one when Oas alerts you.

*Shower installation service is included in all orders made before January 2020. To prepare your bathroom for Oas, visit our Knowledge Base.

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  • 2. Orbital Care Plan
  • 3. Payment

Purchase process

1 Choose shower version

Orbital Shower system comes in a variety of installation possibilities. Select an installation kit that best matches your preferences.
Compare installation kits
Check if you meet installation requirements

2 Installation
Always hire a professional to perform the installation. We are here to to support you if you have any questions on how to prepare the bathroom for the installation. On delivery day, we will ask you to pick a date for shower activation.
3 Shower Activation

By now, the shower Core, drain and shower head are in place, connected to the electricity and water. Our technicians will supervise your shower activation to give you the best shower experience from day one.

4 Start Saving
Now, nothing can stop you on the mission for a more sustainable life. Shower away, see your savings online or in our app and share your results! For maximum performance, please see our Care guide.
Standard (Preorder)

How to pick the right installation kit?


The classic solution that easily adapts to your style.
In the Standard installation kit the Core unit is installed outside the shower space, at a maximum distance of 3 meters. 

The Core unit should be placed in a wet space, meaning that any potential spill water should be able to find its way down a drain.

Remote Cabinet

A sophisticated water-tight design – a piece that truly makes a statement in your home.
The Remote cabinet is designed to install the Core unit outside the shower space. 

This installation kit encapsulates the Core unit in a spill-secure box, which allows for flexibility when choosing it’s location. Install it inside or outside of the bathroom, the choice is yours.


Seamlessly incorporated into your shower space.
The Wall-integrated installation kit is designed to install the Core unit inside the shower space (wet area). 

The Wall-integrated installation kit allows for mounting inside a wall - the same wall that the shower drain is installed against.
For more information, please have a look in our detailed installation kit guide.

Installation requirements

Electrical supply
EU-one phase:
AC 220-240 V / 50 Hz / 16 A

Residual circuit breaker: 
One per shower required. Having a rated residual tripping current not exceeding 30 mA

Mains supply fixed cord: 
Min. 2.5 mm2 (rated for 16 A circuit)
Plumbing / Water
Hot and cold water inlet: Separate hot/cold inlet required. - 1/2” BSPP (G) pipe connection needed

Temperature of inlet water: 
Cold: +4°C to +30°C 
Hot: +40°C to +65°C

Water inlet flow: 
Min. 9 litres/minute hot and cold

Water pressure: 
Min. 3 bars/43,5 psi/0,3 MPa measured at the highest point of installation Max. pressure 10 bars/145 psi/1 MPa

Hardness of water: 
Required: 3°dH-10°dH and
preferred: 6°dH-10°dH or a total hardness of 110-180 mg CaCO3/litres

Internet connection: 
Private 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network

Circuit breaker: 
One per shower required
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