Orbital Care Plan

Extended Warranty and Convenience Plan

Orbital Care Plan

Extended Warranty and Convenience Plan

While the Orbital Shower technology takes care of almost everything, it needs a human touch every once in a while. To keep it running smoothly, you'll need to replace the filter. You can subscribe to our filters monthly or include them in your initial investment with the Orbital Care Plan.
Orbital Care Plan

With the Orbital Care Plan, the replacement filters are included, meaning you can focus on showering without worrying about having to buy new ones.

What you get with the Orbital Care Plan:
- Extended product warranty. 10 Years instead of 2.
- Up to 8 filters per year (1600 shower sessions) delivered to your door.

The Orbital Shower will inform you when it's time to change the filter, by then you will have received a new filter by mail so that you can easily replace it.

Not ready to make a decision yet? No worries, you can also sign up for the Orbital Care plan after you've activated your Orbital Shower has in our MyWater portal.

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