German Design Award Winner 2018

november 6, 2018

Shower with a winner - the Orbital Shower wins the prestigious German Design Award.

A jury of experts from the German Design Council have selected their annual picks for pioneering design contributions this year. The Orbital Shower was selected as a winner for Excellent Product Design in the Bath & Wellness category.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden, the Orbital Shower shower is a unique blend of technology, sustainability and design. "Yet, its no ordinary shower, it's an elegant solution aimed at transforming domestic water use."

When we use water, we waste water. A typical 10-minute shower can mean as much as 100 litres of water, down the drain. Whilst conventional water-saving showers restrict or reduce water flow for the user. The Orbital Shower actually lets you linger in the shower, whilst still saving up to 90% of the water used.

Read more about the Orbital Shower system.


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