Usually, you would need tons of different chemicals to keep your shower clean. These chemicals in ordinary detergents are often toxic to the environment. But now you don't really need them anymore. Did you know that the Orbital Shower can sustainably self-clean?

Black Orbital Shower with Skosh

The Orbital Shower is a hard worker. When it recirculates water during your shower, five different computers engage simultaneously to bring you the best shower experience and show your water savings at the end of your shower session.

Simply use the non-harmful cleaning tablets when your shower notifies you. These are included for ten years with your Orbital Shower order. Your shower will be cleansed from the inside, and as a result, you get bacteria-free shower water that is cleaner than tap water.

Black Orbital Shower with Skosh

Less water, less energy, less plastic

For your shower glass door or your bathroom, you can use innovative products like Skosh. Biodegradable and 100% organic. With only one tablet in a reusable spray bottle, you can use less water, less energy, and less plastic.

Together, we teach the next generations to use water and energy smarter, minimize plastic waste, and be kind to our planet.

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