Marathon shower with Petra Månström

december 4, 2020

Petra Månström does almost everything imaginable connected with running, including blogging, podcast, coaching, and lectures. We invited Petra to a sweaty workout session with an Orbital Shower as the final destination while discussing how to balance working out and …

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The value of a refreshing shower

august 27, 2020
Orbital Showers offer a smart investment in your future. A family of five, who each shower for ten minutes a day, saved up to 151 780 liters of water a year. This also equates to a saving of over 8 900 SEK each year.
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Showering tips for your active lifestyle

juni 30, 2020
These small tweaks to your showering habits can help you be better toward your body. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to see the benefits of changing your shower routine.
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Vandforbruget i vores husholdning

juni 22, 2020

Selvom skandinaverne ikke bruger lige så meget vand som i andre dele af verden, er deres 140 liter per person per dag stadig mere end de 50-100 liter per person per dag, som anbefales af WHO. Vi er nødt til …

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Amazing benefits of cold showers

juni 18, 2020
Cold showers have long been used in sports to help facilitate muscle recovery after an intense workout or competition. However, the benefits of cold showers aren’t just for elite athletes!
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Hydrotherapy at home easily

juni 11, 2020
Incorporating hydrotherapy into your daily routine can help support or, even elevate your active lifestyle.
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