Get ready to deploy a 3D printed house, off the grid

maj 21, 2019

"In a factory in Nevada, a large 3D printer prints the pieces of new prefab tiny homes that can work fully off the grid. When complete, the houses will run on solar power, including heating and cooling. An optional system …

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These hotels are tackling the water crisis — one shower at a time

oktober 8, 2018

Fresh water scarcity is a global crisis affecting up to 2 billion people. It won't be solved by reusing your towels. Meet two of Europe's most innovative hotels, where the NASA-inspired shower use up to 90% less water and 80% …

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Waking up to the potential of the shower

juli 26, 2017

Hotels can spend a lot of time—and money—trying to shape the perfect guest experience. Regardless of price range or hotel class, the aim is to deliver a memorable stay that will keep guests coming back. 

Usually that means higher quality …

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