These hotels are tackling the water crisis — one shower at a time

oktober 8, 2018

Fresh water scarcity is a global crisis affecting up to 2 billion people. It won't be solved by reusing your towels. Meet two of Europe's most innovative hotels, where the NASA-inspired shower use up to 90% less water and 80% …

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Prefab and Modular housing leveraging sustainable technologies

juli 4, 2018

It is not breaking news that the building industry is one of the biggest pollutant and energy users, globally. But, as industry heads have experienced the market’s reaction and changing priorities, we’ve seen a substantial shift in production methods. This …

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Sustainable travel startups want you to rethink your next holidays

april 9, 2018

Startups all over the world are harnessing new technology and creativity to introduce eco-friendly options into everyday life, including the growing area of sustainable travel. One of these is Poshtel PopUp, a Danish brand who wants you to rethink your …

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There Are No Passengers on Spaceship Earth

august 22, 2017

Dear Crew Member,

The Global Water Crisis is half a generation away. We must be radical.

Imagine living a life using only 10 gallons of water a day, instead of 100 gallons, which is the average per person usage in …

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Changing the world, one shower at a time

juli 12, 2017

ORBITAL SYSTEMS is one of the fastest growing international clean-tech companies in the world. It was born with a vision to change the way we use and relate to water by becoming the leader in domestic water savings...starting with a …

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