Oas in action

Examples of customer experiences and success with Oas showers at home, and in hotels, gyms and public facilities.

Comfort with a conscience

Oas technology lets its owners be conscientious about their water use—while still enjoying spa-like shower experiences at home. Read the full story.
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Twice as water smart

For Sanne Hougaard, building a new home with her boyfriend and daughter in Fyn, Denmark, was the perfect opportunity to take a bigger role in sustainable living. That included everything from solar panels to having two new Oas showers installed. How did you hear about the Oas shower? It was on the TV program with […]

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“Plus energy” living

Daniel and his family moved into their “plus energy” home in Holbaek, Denmark, in 2016. Here he shares his family’s experience with the house, which includes an Oas shower, and their appreciation for a sustainability lifestyle that requires no compromise on comfort. What led you to consider Oas for your “plus energy” house? Ours is […]

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Overnight sensations

The Guldsmeden Hotel family wants to not only to be the most sustainable hotel actor on the market, but to be leaders in general sustainable development globally. Kirsten Aggersborg tells us why Oas showers are part of their plans. Why did Guldsmeden Hotels decide to build their reputation on sustainability? It didn’t start as a […]

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