Our company values are the skills and behaviours that are valued in fellow employees and help us shape a collaborative culture to tackle one of the world’s most pressing challenges.


If we didn’t think differently nor saw the world with new eyes, we’d never question why fresh water runs down the drain each time a person takes a shower. Avant-garde for us means that we dare, and want to, go where no-one has gone before, and that we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. What we’re creating hasn’t been done before, and we’re proud not to be like everybody else.

We Solve It

We are solution-oriented and help one another to find the best way to overcome the obstacles in our way. Those who succeed here are the people who smile in the face of a challenge and are always ready to help out their fellow colleagues. We’re flexible, pragmatic, and externally focused on our mission and our goals.

Love for the Craft

We love what we do, and always go the extra mile to delight our customers and colleagues. We recognize that each and every one of us, whether we’re engineers, sales professionals or work on the assembly line, play a key part in building this organization into the world-leading and world-changing business we know this company can become.

Working at Orbital Systems

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