Curious about how the shower of tomorrow works? Good news! You can now pop in to either of our demo sites in Malmö or Copenhagen and discover the unique difference yourself!

Request An Orbital Shower Demo


Orbital Systems HQ
Hans Michelsensgatan 10A, 
211 20 Malmö - Sweden


Trendgruppen PR
Wallingatan 36, 
114 24 Malmö - Sweden


Hotel Bryggen
Gullfossgade 4, 
2300 København - Denmark

What You Will Get From A Live Demo?

Every demonstration is 45 minutes long and if you choose to take a shower, we provide bath towels and shower products for your convenience. 
Experience the Orbital Shower
Come and see, touch, and experience the Orbital Shower system. You’ll enjoy both a refreshing shower and the satisfaction of tracking your water savings in real-time.
Maximise water savings
The Orbital Shower shows you how you can save up to 90% of water and 80% of energy when showering. When you consider the fact that we use an average of 100 litres for a ten-minute shower, that’s a lot of savings!
Orbital technology
How does the shower system work? Satisfy your curiosity about the space certified technology by taking a look under the hood. You’re welcome to geek out as much as you wish!
Ask us anything
We’ll be happy to answer any questions or queries you have, from selecting the right installation kit for you to a new build or reno, or perhaps a specific project.
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