For Sanne Hougaard, building a new home with her boyfriend and daughter in Fyn, Denmark, was the perfect opportunity to take a bigger role in sustainable living. That included everything from solar panels to having two new Orbital Showers installed.


Orbital Shower installed in Denmark

How did you hear about the Orbital Shower?

It was on the TV program with Peter Ingemann, that’s where we saw it and thought it was really smart. Orbital Systems told us the showers were not yet available to private customers, but eventually we went to see them working in a room at the Axel Guldsmedens hotel in Copenhagen.

“You might think “it’s just water”, but there’s not an endless supply of it.”
Sanne Hougaard
Orbital Shower owner, Fyn, Denmark

That’s where we decided to get it - or actually two of them for our new house. Once we saw how it works and talked to the representatives from Orbital Systems, it made sense to us for the environment’s sake. The only consideration after that was cost.

What motivated you to purchase two Orbital Showers?

Saving money on our water usage is one thing, but we hear more and more about the world’s resources—even in Denmark, we were not allowed to water our gardens last summer. All this put together convinced us it made sense to buy the showers.

Also, I’ve been wanting us to do our bit within our capabilities for a while now. I want to be forward thinking when it comes to sustainability, and these showers are a good way of supporting this idea. Getting the showers is part of how our family will live more sustainably. Installing solar panels is another.

“I want my daughter to grow up being aware of how valuable our resources are. She and her generation will carry the bigger responsibility in caring for the planet.”
Sanne Hougaard
Orbital Shower owner, Fyn, Denmark

Orbital Shower app


What difference will Orbital Shower make to your lives?

I don’t think using Orbital Shower will be much different compared to other showers, except that we’ll be saving a lot of water. I’ll probably take my showers as I usually do. How it looks is a bonus, and I also think it’s exciting that we’re one of the first private owners to have it installed. Of course we’ll be showing them off to all of our guests!”