Showers are an integral part of our everyday routines. Yet, for every ten minutes spent showering around one hundred liters of water is wasted. It’s a habit built up over centuries of washing ourselves and one that becomes difficult to change. However, with an Orbital Shower, change becomes easier to imagine and adopt. With circular shower technology, we save not only water but also money.

Take time showering whilst also saving

With an Orbital Shower, you can keep the pleasure of a luxurious shower whilst knowing that you’re doing your part in preserving a scarce resource. In fact, with our circular technology, the longer the shower, the more water you save. This means that as it becomes possible to save ninety percent of your shower water, you use less energy in heating the water and spend less money each year on energy costs. Smart showers do not mean sacrifice. We can innovate our habits to help protect our future.

The value of change

Compared with other actions of water consumption in the average household, personal hygiene uses more than 230% of water than the second-highest usage: toilet flushing. On average, toilet flushing uses 30 liters a day, where doing the dishes and washing our laundry uses around 15 liters.

Together, we can make a change by being wise in choosing a smart shower system and opting for a cleaner and more sustainable way of showering. Orbital Showers offer a smart investment in your future. Orbital showers save a family of five, who each shower for ten minutes a day, up to 151 780 liters of water a year. This also equates to a saving of 5 218 kWh of energy, 762kg of CO2, and up to 8 952 SEK.* That’s the value of Orbital Systems, the value of change.

“Saving money on our water usage is one thing, but we hear more and more about the world’s resources—even in Denmark, we were not allowed to water our gardens last summer.”
Sanne Hougaard, Orbital Shower owner, Denmark

Saving money, saving water

Whilst developing a sustainable home for her family, Sanne Hougaard chose to install two Orbital Showers in her new house in Fyn, Denmark. “Saving money on our water usage is one thing, but we hear more and more about the world’s resources—even in Denmark, we were not allowed to water our gardens last summer.”

Her decision to opt for a more clean and beneficial shower like ours helps to combat two of her most pressing concerns: how can we be sustainable whilst also saving money in the long run? With these showers she doesn’t have to compromise her active lifestyle, nor cut down her time spent in the shower, enjoying that precious moment of peace. Sanne can now freely shower without worrying about its impact.

A better shower for a better you

Step beneath the cleanest water with an Orbital Shower and feel the tensions of the world lift from your shoulders. We can provide the peace of mind that with each shower you are actively saving for a better future. Be innovative. Be intelligent. Get refreshed.

*Savings are based on comparing buying an Orbital Shower (incl. Orbital Care Plan, extended warranty worth 13,000 SEK) versus a regular premium shower set (head, hand, diverter, mixer, drain, the value of 30.000 SEK). Energy price with an average price in Sweden, 1,50 SEK kWh. Water & sewage is the average price for a house in Sweden, 5 SEK/liter.