Today, pools are being built in Scandinavia like never before. But the dream of having a pool can sometimes clash with the desire to live sustainably. Is it okay to fill the pool during the summer drought and water shortages? Orbital Shower offers an opportunity using its unique circular technology. By installing an Orbital Shower, you save large amounts of water (and energy for that matter) and can enjoy both shower and pool bath with a clear conscience!

Villa Abborrkroken in Stockholm's archipelago, Sweden

Enjoying vacation at home - but preferably with a pool

Already last summer, the pandemic meant that most people were required to spend their vacation at home. At the same time, many Scandinavians felt that it wasn't actually a bad idea. Sure, it might not measure up to a trip abroad, but many took the opportunity to discover places nearby. The only thing missing for the real vacation feeling was a pool. In the wake of the pandemic, pool construction has therefore completely exploded in Sweden.

As our demand for water increases, water consumption needs to decrease

For example an average private pool of 3 x 6m holds around 25 m3 of water. That water volume corresponds to taking several hundred showers with a regular shower. Unless you have an Orbital Shower. It reduces water consumption when showering by up to 90%. This means that with Orbital Shower, a family can save so much water for a year that it corresponds to the filling of the pool.

Calculation example

If a family of four showers 25 times a week with an Orbital Shower, it can save over 100,000 liters of water a year. That's enough to fill a pool four times over. See our calculation example.

Enjoy a long shower without compromise

Once you have installed an Orbital Shower, you don't have to compromise on the shower experience to save water. Because most of your water is recycled, you can enjoy long and beautiful showers with high water flow, constant pressure and even temperature.

Save both water and energy

It is not only water that is saved with Orbital Shower but also the energy. The hot water in the shower only drops a few degrees when it lands on the floor and walls and once inside the system it heats up quickly again. This means that energy consumption can be reduced by up to 80% compared to a regular shower.

Do not let your water conscience stop you from building a pool

Thinking and acting sustainably is a matter of fact in today's society. This applies to both companies and individuals. Orbital Shower not only offers a sustainable way to save water and energy, but also opens up to build that long-awaited pool - with a clear conscience.

Here you can dive into more information on how to buy and install an Orbital Shower.