Daniel and his family moved into their “plus energy” home in Holbaek, Denmark, in 2016. Here he shares his family’s experience with the house, which includes an Orbital Shower, and their appreciation for a sustainability lifestyle that requires no compromise on comfort.

What led you to consider Orbital Shower for your “plus energy” house?

Ours is a square wood house where we can reuse 90% of the heat. We capture passive heat from the sun, and these days it’s quite a lot. Our water isn’t heated by electricity, but by surplus heat in the air. We also have a rainwater collector that will be connected to our toilet and washing machine.

“Saving energy doesn’t necessarily have to be boring….”
Orbital Shower owner, Holbaek, Denmark

The goal when building it was to build a plus energy house, and the seller advised us to save heated water if we wanted to really save money. That led to us looking into Orbital Shower, which we’d heard about on the Peter Ingemann program here in Denmark.

What motivated you to choose a “plus energy” home lifestyle?

Primarily the economic benefits, at least to begin with. It started with “Ok, where can we really save some money?” But the-climate friendly aspects of it play an increasingly bigger part. We’ve even installed a second tap in our kitchen, which is directly connected to the cold water only, so we can save even more water (and energy).

But yes, we planned all this for the savings in the long run. Without compromising on the luxury. We’re not typically tracking how much money we’re saving - not anymore. I think that if we didn’t have this shower we would think more about it.

“I would say it’s like driving a Tesla - you get some luxury but can still be climate friendly.”
Orbital Shower owner, Holbaek, Denmark

What do you appreciate most about Orbital Shower?

I think the idea that saving energy doesn’t have to be something boring. For example, a shower that uses very little heated water, but still feels like a luxury. Or washing our clothes in collected rainwater, because there’s much less lime in it. Orbital Shower is part of our lifestyle, sustainability without having to work for it.