The Guldsmeden Hotel family wants to not only to be the most sustainable hotel actor on the market, but to be leaders in general sustainable development globally. Kirsten Aggersborg tells us why Orbital Showers are part of their plans.

Why did Guldsmeden Hotels decide to build their reputation on sustainability?

It didn’t start as a conscious strategy. Owners Sandra and Marc Weinert opened the first Guldsmeden Hotel in 1999, and fashioned it after the values that motivated them. In particular, a passion for long-lived natural materials and healthy living. Food and beverages were almost completely organic by the mid 2000’s, long before anyone made it important.

“By the time everyone started talking about sustainability, we were already doing.”
Kirsten Aggersborg
PR and Communications Manager, Guldsmeden Hotels

Around 2009, companies started making a big deal about their sustainability efforts—and we realized we were light years ahead without having consciously tried. So we started sharing that story, and joined Green Globe, the leading global certification body for tourism. Now most guests know us for and appreciate our sustainability efforts, especially because we don’t compromise on comfort. Orbital Showers are a perfect example.

What do guests think of their Orbital Showers?

They’re a huge hit! All of our sustainable thinkers, suppliers and professional contacts have wanted to see and experience them. Guests get a letter at check-in that explains how their OOrbital Shower works, and all the water and energy-saving benefits. It’s such a great story.

Reception is always hearing great comments. “Looks like my shower is cleverer than I am,” “Love the look! High-tech and still beautiful,” or ”Kudos for trying new things, well done!” From a business perspective my favourite was “Stable water pressure and heat in an old building at rush hour—love the new showers!”

“Sustainability isn’t a chore, or marketing. This is our real passion. When something like Orbital Showers comes along, we get excited!”
Kirsten Aggersborg
PR and Communications Manager, Guldsmeden Hotels

How does the future look for Orbital Showers at Guldsmeden Hotels?

We installed Orbital Showers in eight rooms at Axel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen in 2018. On average, the showers are saving between 42-65 litres of water and use 55-57% less energy than our conventional showers. So yes, we’re also installing Orbital Showers in the new Islands Brygge hotel that’s scheduled to open later this year!