The HIVE Conference, short for Housing Innovation, Vision & Economics, takes its place as the most valuable community for innovators in the housing ecosystem. HIVE is the curtain call to the cast of innovators who will shape housing today and tomorrow.

HIVE 2017 also honors individuals who are at the vanguard of landscape-changing contributions with the HIVE 50 Innovators Award. The HIVE 50 are drawn from the top people, products and processes that are leading the charge to inspire creativity, higher performance, and innovation in housing.

"Orbital Systems is being recognized as a HIVE 50 Innovator for its work with the super-efficient shower that has disrupted and transformed the way we think." - Hanley Wood

HIVE 2017 is an incubator of forward-looking ideas, inspirations, and inventions that will enhance the way builders, architects, land developers, and place-makers think and work.

"Another important role for HIVE is to introduce the intersection of technology and housing and foster the integration of the two, which have been relatively independent to date. It draws in the next generation of leaders who have a hunger and thirst for using their talents, resources and technologies to improve housing and its communities."- John McManus, vice president and Editorial Director-Residential Group of Hanley Wood.

Orbital Systems is thrilled to be part of the HIVE community. We invite changemakers to join us in creating a new paradigm in daily water use by choosing the Oas Shower over traditional showers.