Holidays, long days at the beach and warm July evenings. We have all longed for summer. Maybe you are planning a week on Gotland, hiking in the mountains or sunny days on Österlen? No matter where you are, we will all be reminded of the irrigation ban and drought. With a growing population and falling groundwater levels, the water shortage in the Nordics is a fact.

After a year of restrictions, probably none of us wants to hear that we may need to cut our showers under one minute during the summer. The good news is that we do not have to end up there. There are already technologies that can help us avoid acute water shortages.

What can you do?

A first step is to raise awareness, to think of water as a limited resource that we must protect and use smarter. Just as we turn off the lights to save energy, we should turn off the faucet to waste less water. A concrete example is to turn off the water tap while brushing your teeth. Another way is to always have a jug of cold water in the fridge, instead of waiting for a stream water to turn cold every time you are thirsty.

A second step is to prioritize technologies and solutions that promote sustainable water consumption. Circular solutions are often indicated as the answer to the climate issues in general, and this is also the case with the water issue. There is already technology that allows us to circumvent the problem, without compromising on the quality of life.

Unique technology - an answer to the problem

Orbital Systems is revolutionizing the world's water use through a unique circulation technology that purifies your water in real time. In 2020, they launched their first product, Orbital Shower, a shower that benefits both the environment and those who enjoy the better things in life. Through its own treatment plant, the shower saves up to 90% water and 80% energy, and the longer you shower - the more water you save. A technology that Orbital Systems hopes to extend to the entire household in the future. This would mean that a household of four can go from consuming of about 600 liters per day to only 60 liters of water.

Read more about Orbital Shower.

Let your bathroom pave the way

From a larger perspective, the Orbital Shower proves that water shortage in Sweden could lead to a bigger problem if we continue treating water the same way as before. It is a fact that today's water consumption is unsustainable - given the growing population and rising temperatures. If we instead change and apply circular thinking in our homes and in the society, we can very well enjoy carefree showering for hundreds of years to come.


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