Petra Månström does almost everything imaginable connected with running, including blogging, podcast, coaching, and lectures. We invited Petra to a sweaty workout session with an Orbital Shower as the final destination while discussing how to balance working out and showering. Should one shower after every single exercise? Yes, looking at hygiene, it seems right, but knowing that the average person in Sweden already wastes 25 000 liters on showering water every year, it's not as obvious. According to Petra, you want long showers with a good conscience. And of course, we shouldn't quit exercising.

"It feels like I got a glimpse of the future", Petra says after trying the Orbital Shower system.

With a circulating shower system that saves up to 90 % water, you can take long showers with a good conscience.

Listen to Petras podcast, Marathonpodden (in Swedish), where our founder and CEO, Mehrdad Mahdjoubi guests to talk more about Orbital Systems.

Ready to test Orbital Shower yourself, book a live demo in one of our futuristic show rooms in Sweden and Denmark.