Orbital Systems is bringing space technology to Main Street. Our future depends on it.

As stewards of water, we are committed to delivering innovative technology solutions that will completely change the paradigm of how this scarce resource is used. Orbital Shower, a water-recirculating and energy-saving shower, is the first commercial application of this unique space technology.

It takes both courage and innovation to affect change. And it is always risky. But the benefits outweigh the risk once the working prototypes are delivered, and scaled to be cost competitive. We are “the first” in the market, and are already disrupting conventional products and igniting new competitors.

The Orbital Shower is now a third-generation shower, based on human-centered design, with over 30 patents pending.

Influence from diverse practices like software, biology, chemistry, and hardware to name a few, led us through multiple prototypes to ultimately deliver an out-of-this-world shower experience. Now we’re delivering a commercial solution that increases water pressure while recycling, maximizing comfort, while still wasting up to 90% less water and 80% less energy in every shower cycle.

We didn’t stop there...

User empowerment through real-time data is the second part of this solution. Informed decisions result in responsible behavior. Plus, who doesn’t like smart appliances these days?

We do. Orbital Shower is supported by the My Water app to track usage patterns, water and energy savings.

User shower data is available on the platform, and software updates are pushed to the system to constantly improve the technology and a user’s experience.  No one has done this before.

We have partnered with regulatory agencies, sustainability leaders and business owners around the world, as well as our employees and their communities, as we continue to learn and further understand the challenges and priorities around water as a resource.

Today, we are honored and inspired to be working with international agencies in developing new standards and expanding regulations that are paving the way for this type of emerging technological advancement.

Orbital Systems is breaking new ground.