When our patented technology is applied in a shower, it makes the world’s most advanced and efficient shower unit, saving up to over 90% water and 80% energy, whilst increasing comfort and hygiene.

An illustration of the technology is shown below;

Orbital Recycling Shower

Technology performance

Water savings

Savings up to, and more than 90% water consumption. Due to the efficient water recycling system.

Energy savings

Savings up to, and more than 80% of the energy consumption. As a consequence of our recycling and purification process that makes it possible to re-use the heat of the rinsed water.

Hygiene enhancement

Cleaner water than regular tap water. Due to our patented recycling technology which includes purification and heat recovery in real time the water quality is ensured to be above drinking quality level. Testing at credited laboratories such as Swedish Institute of Diseases as well as Alcontrol Laboratories has been done throughout our whole development process.

Example of filtration capabilities

  • Endotoxin removal > 99,96 %
  • DNA > 99,5 %
  • Micron size particles > 99,995 %
  • Cyst reduction by at least 99.95%

Increasing comfort

Higher comfort level in shower activity, both compared to conventional showers and other water saving solutions existing. Due to the precise temperature stability, water flow and pressure which are working independently from other applications. Compared to other water saving products this doesn’t decrease the water flow but can even offer using large shower nozzles for increasing the comfort which means producing a steady pressure while having a water flow over 15 litres per minute.